Hodges and Ford Compete in NJCAA All Star Competition

Hodges and Ford Compete in NJCAA All Star Competition

1. What was most exciting about playing in the all-star game? 

Hodges: Just being in the presence of some of the best JUCO Softball Players in the state was a great feeling. 

Ford: To me, personally it was being able to play along with the other girls we compete against in conference. Then and there, they were our teammates instead of our enemy so to say. 




2. Favorite Moment During the Game: 

Hodges: When I unintentionally ran a play we call "Red" because the sun was in my eyes... and I ended up getting a girl out at second. 

Ford: I wasn't recruited to pitch for NCTC, so as cliche as it sounds, I loved being able to pitch against other All-Conference players and compete just as well as the pitchers there. 




3. Favorite memory from the experience: 

Hodges: Wining the homerun derby and a player from the opposite team that was shagging balls robbed one of my homeruns. 

Ford: I recall Coach Hedrick bringing in his own lawn-chair (which was also a rocking chair) into the dugout to watch us play. 




4. Most interesting and influential person that I met at the All-Star Game: 

Hodges: It has to be the McLennan Coach. He is so positibe and encouraged us throughout the day. 

Ford: I was moved by the way the McLennan Coach supported me and kept pumping me up when we were about to take the field, and when I was pitching or batting. He was constantly cheering for me an being the coach for a team in our conference, it was an exciting feeling. 




5. My goals for this season are: 

Hodges: To stay focused and have fun with my teammates. I want to make my last season here the best it can be. 

Ford: Along with competing at Regionals and making it to Nationals, my main focus is my academics and to keep my grades as high as possible. Aside from that, I want to make it a point to be a more spirited team player and support each one of my teammates more so than last season.